Retrieves whether a supplied membership card number is valid


This endpoint is deprecated

Please use the v2 endpoint Validate Membership instead.

Retrieves whether a supplied membership card number is valid and identifies the loyalty club name and membership level (if these are available) for valid card numbers.

This endpoint carries out the same card number validation that occurs when calling Set Customer Details with a loyalty card number. However, this endpoint can be used without an active Order and is therefore intended to be used for non-transactional validation of card numbers (for example, this could be useful for applications that allow users to store a loyalty card number for future usage).

Note that response code 400 with errorCode 32003 (Unable to validate the loyalty card) should not be considered to absolutely indicate an invalid loyalty card number because some cinema chain loyalty systems:

  • will return this code for expired cards (which may be re-issued using the same number but a different expiration date), or
  • may be able to temporarily suspend a loyalty card.

Response code 404 with errorCode 41011 (Loyalty member could not be found) is a permanent state.

Sample card numbers

The following card numbers may be used for testing purposes on the Staging environment, using the ‘ABC Cinema’ Cinema Chain.

  • Valid card – 99982601583655
  • Expired card – 99992292443086
  • Invalid card – Any number other than the above


License Requirements

MX Tickets
MX Loyalty