Retrieves the cinema chains available to your account

Returns the cinema chains available to your account, along with information about each cinema chain’s supported functionality.

configuration contains objects for high-level functional areas such as refunds and loyalty, with properties indicating whether these functions are supported by a given cinema chain, along with the sub-sets of functions that are supported such as allowing refunds after the start of a session.

items.enabled indicates whether the given cinema chain supports concession sales and items.itemsOnlyOrdersEnabled indicates whether the cinema chain supports orders with only concessions (i.e. without tickets).

countryCode contains the ISO code for the country within which the cinema chain operates. Cinema chains in the MX API are restricted to a single country of operation – if a real-world cinema chain operates in multiple countries it will be represented by multiple cinema chains in the MX API.

requiresClientPaymentToken indicates whether the cinema chain requires the creation of a client payment token (by using the Create Payment Token endpoint) before payment processing can take place.

numberOfMinutesAfterShowtimeStartToAllowTicketSales specifies the number of minutes after the beginning of a showtime where ticket sales are allowed. This value applies to all sites for the cinema chain. If this value is set to zero then tickets for a showtime cannot be sold after the beginning of the showtime.

beginPreparationEnabled indicates whether concession items that require preparation can be explicitly sent to the kitchen using the Begin Item Preparation endpoint.

allowBookingNotes indicates whether free text booking notes can be supplied to the Set Customer Details endpoint.


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