Retrieves films for a Cinema Chain.

The productionYear property will be present if a year of production is known for a given film. If the production year is not known then the property will not be present in the response. Note that the productionYear may vary from the year in the releaseDate as a film’s release may occur in a different year to production and a film may be re-released at any time.

The mxfReleaseId property will only be present where a corresponding release exists in the MovieXchange Films (MXF) service. The mxfReleaseId can be used to retrieve further information and collateral about a film such as movie posters, trailer URLs etc. Usage of the MXF service is outside the scope of this document – please contact [email protected] for more information. Please be aware during integration with the MX Showtimes API's staging environment that the mxfReleaseId property points to the MX Film production environment.

cinemaChainData is the array of films that were ingested from the underlying cinema chain which were mapped to the top-level film. Showtimes responses (See Get Showtimes for a Site and Get Showtimes for a Site including Ticket Types) include a cinemaChainFilmId attribute which can be used to identify which of the array items a given Showtime is related to based on the id attribute of the array element.


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