Retrieves films that match external film identifiers

Example Request

  "externalIds": [


Intended Usage

In order to use this endpoint, external film identifiers must have been obtained from direct integration (or bulk extracts) from a cinema chain's underlying film management system - if you only integrate with cinema chains through the MX API, you will not need to use this endpoint.

This endpoint returns an array containing those supplied externalIds which have been matched to MX films.

Each returned film will have an externalId that was part of the request body and the related Id which is the id of the MX Film. The Id can be used to identify the film in the response to Get Films for a Cinema Chain.

If a mxfReleaseId is returned then this id may be used in the MX Film API to obtain further film metadata and media.

If an Id is returned for a matched film but no mxfReleaseId is returned then it means that the film was created as a 'cinema-chain-only' film in movieXchange - this can occur because a given film (or event) has no matching MX Film release, or the film is specific to only one cinema chain (for example, a student's film project which is being shown at a single site).

If a supplied externalId is not included in the response then no match was found for the given externalId.


License Requirements

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