Retrieves ticket types for a Showtime.

Returns a list of the available ticket types for a given Showtime. Voucher ticket types are not supported by the API and will be omitted from the response.

Please note that a 404 (not found) response from this endpoint indicates that no ticket types are available for sale for the supplied Showtime. This is a valid scenario and does not represent an error condition. In the case of a 404 response when attempting to retrieve ticket types for a given Showtime, API consumers should inform their users that the Showtime is not available for ticket purchase at this time. The available ticket types for a Showtime are regularly refreshed and so a 404 response does not mean that a Showtime is permanently unavailable for sale.

isAllocatedSeating indicates if a specified ticket type is for an allocated seating area. Ticket types for a single Showtime may have differing isAllocatedSeating values because there may be allocated and unallocated seating areas for a single Showtime.

Ticket types may include ticket packages, identified by isPackageTicket being true. Ticket packages contain one or more tickets and zero or more concession items. All tickets within a ticket package are always for a single seating area.

Ticket packages that include concession items do not require an MX Items licence to retrieve or to use when calling Create an Order, as the ticket package as a whole is considered to be a ticket type.

Ticket packages do not support modifiers for contained concession items.


License Requirements

MX Showtimes
MX Tickets

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