Retrieves Showtimes for a Site

startTime is the time the site is screening the showtime specified in the timezone local to the site screening the showtime. The Get Sites endpoint returns the timezones for each site. This property can be used to display to the customer the time the film is screening.

startTimeUtc is the time the site is screening the showtime, adjusted to UTC time. This property can be used to easily filter out any showtimes that have started screening.

seatsAvailable is only returned if the calling MX API account is configured to be provided with this information.

seatsAvailable will only be present where available from the underlying cinema system. When present, seatsAvailable is the number of seats that were available for purchase as at the UTC time indicated in lastUpdatedUtc. seatsAvailable is intended for usage as an approximate indicator of availability only.

lastUpdatedUtc contains the timestamp, in UTC, of the last update to the Showtime from the underlying cinema system. Note that lastUpdatedUtc is only modified when details of the Showtime are changed, meaning that a Showtime for which no sales are occurring (and that also has not had any properties changed) will retain a static lastUpdatedUtc value. A static lastUpdatedUtc value should not be interpreted as the MX API not regularly checking for changes on the underlying cinema system.

isAllocatedSeating indicates if any seating areas for the Showtime have allocated seating. For the sake of clarity, if isAllocatedSeating is set to true for a Showtime then unallocated seating areas may exist for the Showtime. However, if isAllocatedSeating is set to false for a Showtime then allocated seating areas will not exist for the Showtime. Please see the isAllocatedSeating value of the Ticket Types section for more details.

screenId is an integer that is only guaranteed to be unique within a given Site. This property may be null if the underlying cinema chain system is not able to supply a screen identifier.

cinemaChainFilmId can be used to identify which of the films in the cinemaChainData array in the Get Films for a Cinema Chain response a given Showtime relates to.


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