Adds items to an existing order.

Example Request

  "items": [
      "id": "b6169d49-a3d4-49d5-8db8-fbb5d479f08e",
      "quantity": "1"
      "id": "d265b03d-8b85-480a-91d5-c4b4da034e79",
      "quantity": "2",
      "modifiers": [
          "id": "1562",
          "quantity": "2"

In the response payload, the following applies to pricing for items and modifiers

  • Pricing for Items excludes the pricing of any modifiers applied to the item.
  • Pricing for modifiers is net of any modifier quantity that is included for free with the item. e.g. an item that includes 1 modifier for free but has 2 modifiers applied will display a modifier price that takes the free modifier into account.
  • In order to get a total price for an item and its modifiers it is necessary to sum the price of the item and the price of any modifiers applied to the item.


License Requirements

MX Tickets
MX Items