Retrieves a booking.

Within a booking, a ticket object has two status fields, these being RefundStatus and CollectedStatus. RefundStatus will be either ‘Refunded’ or ‘NotRefunded’. CollectedStatus will be ‘Unknown’, ‘Collected’ or ‘NotCollected’ – The ‘Unknown’ state occurs when the underlying cinema chain’s system cannot expose the collection status. It’s important to note that a ticket may be both ‘Collected’ and ‘Refunded’ depending on the operational procedures of the cinema chain.

Refer to Add Items to an Order for details on how to calculate the total price of a concession item that is returned in the Get Booking response payload.

Refer to Complete Order and Record External Payments for details on bookingId and transactionId.

hasAssociatedLoyaltyMembership indicates whether a loyalty membership was used when making this booking. The values are 'True' if a loyalty membership was used, 'False' if a loyalty membership was not used and 'Unknown' if the underlying cinema system cannot provide this information.

bookingNotes is optional and will only be returned if allowBookingNotes element is set to true in Get Cinema Chains and booking notes exist.

Note for Ticket Packages

The lineItem for a ticket package will be the same as the lineItem of its first child ticket. This is a result of the behaviour of underlying cinema systems.


License Requirements

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