The MX Showtimes and Tickets API

Welcome to the movieXchange Showtimes and Tickets API.

The movieXchange (or MX) Showtimes and Tickets API is made up of two high-level areas of functionality. Firstly there are the MX Reference Data APIs which are used to obtain information about a cinema chain, such as details about the cinema sites, which films are showing and when showtimes are scheduled. Secondly, there are the MX Transactional APIs which allow you to create orders, add tickets, confirm bookings and so on.

Start off by taking a look at our Authentication and Client Secrets section, then turn your attention to the MX Reference Data APIs and finally move onto the MX Transactional APIs.

Check out the FAQs for answers to some common questions.

One last thing, and it's really important, please read the Intended Usage notes.