MX Transactional APIs

The MX Transactional API consists of the MX Tickets API (for seating, ticketing and booking management) and MX Items API (for managing concessions on orders).

The MX Tickets and MX Items services are separately licensed. The documentation for each endpoint indicates whether the endpoint is part of the MX Tickets or MX Items service

Example call flow to create and complete

(presumes you already have loaded reference data)

  1. Authenticate (Guide | API)

  2. Create Order with Tickets (API)

  3. Get Seating Plan (Guide | API)

  4. Set Selected Seats (Guide | API)

  5. Set Customer Details (API)

  6. ###Complete Order (API)


  • The API currently only supports payments taken outside of the MX platform.

Concession Items

Contains endpoints that enable concession items to be added to an order and also for all items to be removed from an order. The intended usage of these endpoints is that the desired concession item models (as defined in the MX Reference Data API Guide) will be collated by the consumer of the MX Transactional API and then passed as a single request to the ‘Add Items to Order’ endpoint. Once concession item models have been added to an order they are known as ‘Items’.

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