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MX Reference Data APIs

The MX Reference Data API is intended to be used to retrieve reference data from Cinema Chains such as Site information, the films showing at Sites, the Showtimes for Sites and so on.


Intended Usage

The MX Reference Data API is intended to be used on a batch basis. Please call the API, retrieve the reference data you need and then store it locally to serve your application or website. This information doesn't change very regularly so updating the information at most every hour should be adequate for most situations.

Example call flow to load showtime reference data

  1. Authenticate (Guide | API)

  2. Get Cinema Chains (API)

  3. Get Sites for a Cinema Chain (API)

  4. Get Films for a Cinema Chain (API)

  5. ###Get Showtimes for a Site Including Ticket Types (API)


  • The MX Showtimes API currently only indicates whether a showtime’s seating is allocated or not—not whether allocation is automatic or manual.

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MX Reference Data APIs

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